Residents with Pets can be the Best Bet for Property Managers

It’s no doubt funny but true that one, who can manage a property with confidence, professionalism, and attitude, can be afraid of pets. In fact, you can be one of them who might be thinking whether to stay away from this business just because you don’t want to deal with families owning pets. Well, if it’s a phobia, property management might be a bit challenging for you. However, there is always a way if you have the willpower to overcome it.

Now, let’s come to facts. As per reports, around seventy percent of the property owners have pets. So, if you think that you are going to be safe by turning away prospective tenants with pets, you are actually losing a major percentage of your profit in business. Instead, pet-friendly rental units tend to allure more tenants. Renters who have pets usually stay happier and even prefer staying for a longer time period. Now, this does not mean that you will keep the gates of liberty open for the pet renters. You have to take such strategies that will keep away all sorts of risks associated with pets. Right from neighbor’s complaints to property damages and other injuries, you have to keep everything in mind.

Here are a few wise suggestions on how to make rental properties more pet-friendly so that you can do your business with confidence and with no fears. Take a look:





Draw up a pet agreement – Make sure that you have included pet agreement under each rental lease. Even if the applicant does not own a pet, make sure to do it. In this way, renters will find it easier to refer to their lease if at all they consider keeping any pet in the long-run. In the pet agreement, add the total number of pets you will be allowing n the property. Mention pet deposits if you want to charge in case one wants to enter with pets. State the type of pet you can allow your renters to bring on. Also, mention the size limits and even the breeds one can bring in.

Keep conditions for pet approval – Just like it is acceptable to waive off restrictions on pets like small birds or fish, it is equally essential to impose conditions on the approval of certain breeds of animals. There are a very few rental properties where exotic animals are allowed. So, keep a standard set of questions ready. For instance, ask about the breed, size and weight of the pet. If possible, know about the history of the pet in case it appears to be a new one in the neighborhood.

Reserve a set of responsibilities for pet owners – All pet owners must know that there will be a designated area of the property through which they will be able to make their pets take a walk. They should also be notified in the process that their pets will not be allowed to roam around freely as that might lead to heavy security issues. There are a lot of property owners who ensure that the pet renters are having medical records of their pets. This is to check that their pets have got their vaccinations on time by vets. Pet insurance can also be a condition to be accepted by pet owners who will have to bear the coverage on case of severe dog bites or attacks.

Create a separate online form – A good strategy to keep your pet owners aware of the rules and regulations is to make them fill up a form online. While filling up, they will come across the rules and regulations and would accordingly decide whether to go with the proposal or not. Just make sure that you do not impose too many restrictions, or otherwise, most of your pet renters would not find it a good option to consider.

Aim deliberately for pet owners – There are plenty of pet owners who look for rental apartments where they can live with their pets for long. In fact, there are many property managers who look purposely for pet owners for long-term sustenance. However, in such cases, you must always ensure that the policies you draw ensure safety for the rest of the people living around the property.

So, you see that being a property manager, you do not have to go near the pet and offer him food. Just keep the above points in mind and you will surely get good pet owning residents.