Property Management Cautioned against Discrimination of Families

Federal Law, under the Fair Housing Act, requires that families with kids are not discriminated against when it comes to becoming a tenant and renting property. As a property manager, it is essential to remember the laws that surround families with children before renting to them so that legalities do not occur. With all that said, of course, there are limitations that says whether the children are going against other laws that would then inhibit other tenants or surrounding residence from fully having their rights to their property. This could include damage done by the children, reckless behavior, uncanny actions, or acts of vandalism for example.

As property manager, you are most likely going to get a family at some point during your tenure and often. After recognizing this reality, it can be intimidating to consider the ways in which children can disrupt property. This could include drawing with crayons on the wall, using permanent marker on kitchen appliances, or any unwanted spills on clean or brand new carpet. Discrimination of any sort including discouraging people with families from renting, those with potential custody gain orders, or pregnant woman for example could lead to legal proceedings.

The only time that restrictions could apply include when the housing is for retired persons only. Otherwise, neither the property manager nor the owner of the property can do anything that would be considered discrimination against families. In advertising, it is very important to be aware of how wording is used. For example, even suggesting the type of tenants that would prefer the property due to its amenities or location, for example, would be something that discriminates against certain people groups or living quarter stereotypes or preferences and thus could be considered for a report and prosecution. Property managers must also be very careful on the rules or regulations that are placed for tenants that include only children were it would affect only children. If there’s any sort of special inclination against children in warnings, supervision enforcement’s, or prohibiting certain actions, this could lead to a case with allegations against the property management.

Criteria for applicants to be able to become tenants must be the same across the board for families and non-families alike. Also, it is important that security deposits do not increase or decrease according to whether family will be in the property. Discrimination of any sort very well could risk the management of any properties for you in the future. It is critical to be careful with discrimination of any people group and to be in the know of how each could be a discrimination.