Move-in Day Extras that Will Make the Difference

Property managers should be well in the know about the facts of moving. It is a very intense and stressful situation for people in the general population. It is considered the third most stressful thing a person will do in their lifetime and is after that of death and divorce. Being a property manager that supports and assists residents with their move will put you ahead of the game when it comes to property management ratings.

Before a resident even moves in, it will be critical to develop some key aspects that will increase the respect and rapport you will have with your residents. The very beginning of a person’s venture into a new place is what sets the atmosphere for the rest of his or her stay there. Being available and ready to answer questions, streamlining any details such as keys, locks, or other property requirements, as well as giving great contact information for face-to-face or over the phone question asking to be had or done will be a great start to a resident’s time in the property. Being able to have all the paperwork succinct and easy to use such as keeping it digital if possible will also be a great way to keep things organized and less stressful for the residents.

Being able to add some personal touches will increase the likelihood that the resident will feel comfortable in his or her own place. This could include giving some special gift for any residents with children on moving day so they have some extra fun to do on such a busy day, you could also include a pet providing a local place first day free for the pet to be able to have doggie daycare while the residents are moving in, also a warm welcome note with a small gift would be a great way to show hospitality.

Making their front door welcoming with a fun bow, introducing yourself by walking over and saying hello as well as having the maintenance on call for the day introduce themselves, providing some water or cold beverages in the fridge for moving day, as well as leaving a few coupons to local area restaurants so that dinner that day could be a little less expensive could all be great ways to go the extra step to make a resident feel welcome.

Going the extra mile will allow people to feel blessed and care for. This allows customer service to be done with excellence and residential referrals to be out the roof. Customer service is important for property managers. It is important to give residents an experience that they will remember. Standing out will certainly boost profits for your properties.