Keeping the Tenants Happy is What Property Managers Should Aim For

Keeping good terms with tenants is no doubt one of the biggest challenges for property managers. However, this is a key responsibility for every professional who is assigned with the responsibility to manage a property, or otherwise, he might be simply asked by the property owner to quit the job. Well, there are certain tricks behind it to master this job. To be straight and simple, tenants must not be seen as tenants. Rather, they should be seen as customers who must always be offered world class services. A property manager must always ensure that the tenants are happy and satisfied. If this doesn’t turn out, tenants might anytime choose to move out, which will end the role of a property manager.


Poor management is something which property managers must be aware of. If the tenants come up with any sort of complaint, whether it is related to plumbing, lighting or security, the property manager must be prompt enough to come up with solutions. If these problems keep continuing without timely solutions, consequences will never turn out to be good. So, quality customer service is something that a property manager must ensure at all times. Well, this challenging job of property managers can be made easier if they keep in mind a few behavioral traits. For instance:

  • No hindrances to communication – The moment you come to know that the tenants are willing to meet the landlord or the property manager, makeshift arrangements and let them know that you are there. Contact them by phone or an email stating the time of appointment. Do not delay at any cost because tenants are really precious for any property.
  • Commit with confidence – Property managers are not only required to keep an attitude but also give it justice in showing confidence to stay committed to their tenants. Being a property manager, if you had earlier committed to finish off a repair or maintenance job, you have to complete it at any cost. Tenants hate fake landlords and property managers as well. So, the more you stay committed to them, the better it is.
  • Respond to their needs – You never know when a tenant would come up with an issue related to the property. The moment you hear it, you need to be positive about their response. Even if you think it’s not feasible, you can always give them alternatives and cost-effective solutions that would at least make them feel good. The more you sound negative to your tenants, the more harmful your job becomes.
  • Do not keep tasks unfinished – This is one of the most annoying things faced by tenants who therefore raise complaints and thereafter decides to quit the property. So, if you have taken the initiative to call the plumber, make sure that he comes and fixes everything. If had earlier thought of change the lights at the corridor, call up the electrician as soon as possible and get it done before the tenants find another excuse to pull you up.


Now, you have got a fair idea as to how you would deal with your clients. In fact, landlords must also participate equally in these matters and keep offering support to his property manager. A battle cannot be won single handedly, and managing a property in this respect is a sort of joint venture. Although it’s true that property managers today are quite efficient in handling such situations. But a little support and cooperation from landlords will just get the game going.

Technology is the need of the hour

One of the best ways to keep your rental property high on value is initiating new-age technology. There are a lot of landlords and property managers who still run short of such technological measures. Rather, taking help of certain software applications can make their jobs easier. With these advancements, they can make quick and accurate calculations. Well, getting upgraded to technology is always great for property managers. But there are a few essential factors that property managers must keep in mind. For example:

  • Home security system is a must for every property manager
  • Online tenant portals can be something great that might be a significant factor responsible for an increase in rent in the long-run.
  • Wi-Fi service, needless to say, is availed by almost everyone who is not even a part of this profession. However, property managers must have a 24×7 internet connection to get in touch with their tenants.

So now you are a knowledgeable property manager who has become aware of how to deal with your tenants in style. Just keep the above facts in mind and you are sure to shine in this profession.