Hiring Property Management Staff

Your property management business is growing and it is time to consider hiring staff to take care of many of the needs for the growing business. They are the people that can manage phone calls, help with collecting rent, return emails, and assist with other administrative duties that are time consuming. With a growing business, one must consider his or her priorities wisely to determine what is the best option on what needs to be done by the head property manager and what other things can be handled by others.

Keep in mind, whoever is hired to sit in the desk may not be showing properties and expanding your portfolio, but they do become the face of the organization. This means that your property management could either get a good rap or bad rap depending on those in your offices demeanor, customer service skills, interest in people, willingness to be thorough and kind in answering questions, and sales skills. That said, spending a pretty penny for the top of the line and education employees may not be the best investment of your hard-earned cash either. This very well could be an entry level position, but keep in mind just because your niece needs a job for after school and does not require high pay does not mean that is the best option either. Be wise in choosing representatives for you company.

Being able to consider how to market the position will be important. Knowing the type of candidates, you may be looking for will help you to know where to post, such as Indeed or Craigslist, as well as how to write the job description so it attracts the right kind of people. It will also be important to let the process be the process. It is important to note that just hiring someone that seems like a good fit before going through the right steps could end in disaster. Check references, background check, job history and the like to make sure the person will be a reliable and ethical option for you. Social media is also a great way to assess one’s demeanor. Interview well and keep options open. Being able to have an ease of atmosphere during the interview will allow for authentic conversation and the most probable example under such a good behavior situation for the real personality of a person to be able to be shown. Hiring property management staff can make for a good investment and a win-win for all parties. Just make sure your staff are going to work well together and have a great example as to how to make property management excellent.