Good Tenants are always a Boon to Property Management

Although there are several challenges involved in property management, one big challenge is ensuring that the property is not damaged, especially by the tenants. One of the secrets to assure that this doesn’t happen is maintaining a good relationship with them and responding positively from time to time. Despite, you never know when circumstances can make tenants damage a major portion of your property, and if this goes on, your expenses will keep soaring higher and higher. So, what property managers must do is get into a rigorous screening process through which they can choose quality tenants who will keep your property is in good condition.


However, there are certain precautions that will always keep you away from such impending dangers, thereby ensuring complete security for your property. Let’s take a look:

  • Keep the property as clean as possible

    It would be best if you can keep your property clean and spotless before a new tenant moves in. Remember, if it’s a good tenant, he/she will tend to keep your property in good condition just like you had kept it. Moreover, tenants always like well-maintained properties that actually allure them towards choosing the property. So, never make the blunder of calling up tenants to a poorly maintained property, or the one that needs major repairs.

  • Keep conducting regular inspection of the property

    For every property owner, it is very important to conduct inspections at regular intervals in regard to your property. In fact, the property manager must ensure that this is done at all cost. Even if the landlord forgets, it’s the property manager who will have to keep reminding. In this process, the property manager, as well as the landlord, will come to know about the necessary repairs to be made. This too would make the tenants feel that the landlord is taking good care of them as well as the property.

  • Create clear guidelines on security deposits

    A big task for the property manager as well as the landlord is to create a long list of guidelines that must be related to security deposits. However, it is also quite crucial for the tenant to understand that they could be charged a big penalty or might be asked to pay the entire security deposit in case they cause any damage to the property. The same consequences will be applicable if they do not take minimum care of the property. So, the better the tenant, the lesser are the chances of damage caused to the property.

  • Keep policies defined for pets

  • Being a property owner, if you are owning a pet, you must have a set of policies for your tenants in case they prefer keeping with them. Pets can always create havoc around the property in your absence. Moreover, it’s really not possible for you keep track of the pet’s activities around the property. So, if you can set strict policies for the tenants with pets, they will ensure safety, especially out of the fear that they might be pulled up or end up giving a penalty. So, be polite with your tenants and explain the policies to them so that they are aware from beforehand in regard to the safety of the property.

  • Tenant screening should be stringent

    In the entire process of property management, initiating a stringent screening process is very important to pick a good tenant. If your tenant is really a good one, he/she will keep up to the safety and cleanliness of your property. The bond between you and your tenant also depends on how the latter is. The property manager anyway has to keep good terms with the tenant. But you never know when tenants gradually turn out to be the other way round. A wiser strategy would be therefore to take the screening process very seriously and conduct a long interview session with the tenant. Ask as many questions as you want and know everything in detail about the tenant. The more you come to know about him, the better it is. Later, you won’t have any chance to repent as to why you weren’t cautious enough to delve deep into your client’s past records.


From these above points, you have got an idea as to how would you filter out good tenants from the bad ones who can cause severe damage to your property. Remember, you need to take good care of your property and impress your landlord at any cost. Once you are able to do so, property management will never seem to be challenging for you.