Generation Z and Property Management

Property management must start considering how to attract the most recent renters of today’s world, those in Generation Z also known as Gen Z. This typically accounts for most persons born in the 1990’s. Anyone that grew up in and is highly immersed from the very beginning in that of technology would be known as that of Gen Z; as Gen Z’s culture and coinciding lifestyle is continuing to emerge and define itself, someone in that era could give a great background in how the communication stream can best be present. Text and social media are the new top ways to successfully communicate with this generation. Sending an email, a letter, or even a phone call may not cut it. Having the complexity of this new generation simply means a property manager must appeal to the audiences that are in the highest demographic potential for rent. This is a new and upcoming generation, but one in which a simple study and attention to detail could go a long way in reaching most them.

Gen Z is extremely digital. Although it is rare that they would check their email hourly, it is likely that they will hourly check their phone and the majority would be checking a social media site at least three times a day. Snail mail could sit around for weeks or months even, phone call voicemails could take a week or more to receive a listen to let alone a returned call. Although these ways are mediums, a good one at that, for communication, the text to a phone may very well be the best and most efficient mode for this generation.

Reviews online are more and more sought after by this generation. Property management must be cognitive of the online reputation the property must show excellence and originality in comparison to other online competitors. Being able to have great reception and stellar connection is also a key way in which Gen Z determines the best option for rent. Renovated property and high quality technology even within the devices of the property will also do wonders in attracting the new generation. This type of emphasis along with other ways of going electronic, digital, and high technologically sound will completely transform the way that people will flood the properties. From appliances, to outlets, to upgrades, the new generation will not settle for what the last generation did when it comes to living conditions. It is critical to be up to date with the new ways of living so that the tenants will stay and be satisfied with their living conditions.