Duties of Being an HOA Board Member

You were just selected as the board member of your homeowner’s association. Not knowing exactly the ins-and-outs of what you’ve gotten yourself into, you do realize that this responsibility is going to impact the lives of everyone within your community. This is your home, and likely the home of many of your dear friends and even potential family members. The type of decisions that you and the rest of the board make with the precious money that every homeowner puts towards the association, must not only be considered with much thought and collaboration, but it must also include the best interest of all homeowners.

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From contracting out the different work and jobs that need to be done, for the association and community at large, to deciding upon what plans need to be in place for any future havoc but also presenting needs before the board is invaluable when it comes to making decisions. State law, governing documents, CC and R’s, all must be adhered to in the boards decision-making processes. From inspection and repair to maintenance and emergencies, the boards tasks should not be taken lightly. Making sure all owners are treated equally, understanding the responsibilities for social events, regulating lawfulness within the community, to being committed to each owner’s rights, desires and needs, a board of an association has a high calling and duty.