Duties of the Board Treasurer

The treasurer of the homeowner’s association has one of the most crucial roles to play in upholding and sustaining of the association itself. As anyone who has the accounting, finance or money factor of an organization or business, the treasurer of a homeowner’s association who has a very intimidating task. This task includes managing the daily monthly and annual budget. It also includes what money will be spent where, what is in the reserve fund, what to do in the case of catastrophe and finance uncertainty, as well as the ins and outs of each day and making sure all was staying in the positive.

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The treasurer is the one that manages the funding for the association. This includes insurance, assets, budgets, taxes, audits, internal controls, investments, and the regular records. There’s no other job that requires such integrity and precision. From the board all way down to the volunteer of the association it truly is everyone’s responsibility to look out for the finances. But the one that really keeps track and provides financial stability and health to the association is the treasurer. You can be a huge help to find a Management Service that can cater to your Association’s needs and ensure Financial Health. This does not mean that your system does not mean need a treasure all together, but it could be a huge asset to have the management team in the treasurer working together in order to truly regulate the most influential aspect of the association.