Curb Appeal, First Impressions…Ways to Find Tenants Fast

Curb appeal is a very important aspect to consider especially when rental season is in full swing. Being able to provide a beautiful impression at first glance could be the leasing point for the potential tenant. During high rental time, people are going to be considering many aspects during their search and this could be the point in which the decision is made. There is a good deal of work that goes into landscaping to make it look appealing and beautiful. Dandelions, dallisgrass, and crabgrass are all weeds that like to take over properties making them look less appealing. One way to eliminate weeds includes using treatment and chemicals to have a longer lasting weed control. Having weeds that have taken over the lawn can often cause problematic times for curb appeal potential.

Being able to have good upkeep for the lawn beds is critical so that it is more preventative work rather than damage repair. The type of grass selected for the property all affects how well it will do with weeds and curb appeal, such as Zoysia or St Augustine. It is plusher and more beautiful than other types of grass.


Another important part of curb appeal includes the door. When the door is a certain color, it will affect the look of the entire house. One could make the door colorful or upgrade it to a wooden door. It is important that there are no scuffs on the door and that the metal parts are shinny and polished as well. It could also help to include a pretty wreath of one’s style or a nice swag.

From the house numbers, to front porch lights, to other fixtures that are on the front door area, each of these could be upgraded for a quick and easy way to make the house more appealing for not much money. Anything that is not in style or looking rusted or old or pieces that don’t match will affect the look of the front drastically. From brushed nickel to oiled-bronze finishes, one will find a way to make the front more appealing in no time.

Having symmetrical decor and fixtures around the front door will be appealing to the eye. It will make for beauty and ease when trying to up the look and increase the interest of a home. Property managers should take special care to add these extra touches to increase the curb appeal so that the property can be all that it was designed to be. Never underestimate the way in which curb appeal will increase the likelihood of new tenants being interested in your property over others.